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    • Design concept
    • The typography of ‘unizsoft’ consisted of simple straight lines and curves. The diagonal lines are delivering intense and powerful expressions. ‘u’ out of ‘unizsoft’ shows a differentiated and important point comparing with other companies and it draws people’s attention. Green color is used to express bold and dignified patience.
    • Logo basic signature
    • A logo is a symbolic icon of every visual communication media to create and deliver an image of the company. Therefore, it should be used in accordance with prescribed direction by this manual to create the company image and improve reliability. In case of logo distortion by carelessness, it could not maintain its consistent image. Basically, the logo is produced by heliography method or by projection copy method with slide film. However, if the logo is made a large size specially, the producer should follow the Grid system presented in this article. The color is same as symbol and adjusted by presenting regulation in this article depending on change of background color. The consultation with production team would be recommended when decision difficulty occurs.
    • Space regulation
    • The logo type is an important factor along with symbol mark that is the basic factor as a core of identity system. If it is impossible to produce a large size or print it out, the producer should construct the logo in accordance with logo type presented in this article. A prescribed independent space would be secured by applied media and none of graphic factors are encroaching the prescribed independent space. To prevent change of logo type, the manuscript presented in this manual or in the CD-ROM would be used by magnifying or reducing with direct ratio.
    • Exclusive color
    • The exclusive color is an important factor to create symbol, logo type, and company image. It should pay close attention to use the exclusive color effectively. The standard color designated by manual should be maintained by examining printing method, ink concentration, and paper quality. In addition, when using vinyl, leather, and acrylic material and silkscreen, the producer should follow the color regulation based on the standard color definitely. To express accurate colors, compare it with Color Chips or DIC color swatch presented in the application part in this manual to determine whether two colors are visually equal.

    Head Office : A319-1, Business Support Center, gist, 123, Cheomdangwagi-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
    Seoul Office : 704-ho, 7, Beobwon-ro 6-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    Phone : 070-8260-5847    / Fax : 82-2-429-4060    / E-mail : unizsoft@gmail.com
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